As Nature Made Us

We are, who we are, because we are born, the way we are, right???  But, what IF, we feel, that we’d been born, into the wrong bodies?  Then, we’d have, a HELL of a time, trying, to suppress that small voice on the inside of us, telling us, we should be opposite of who we are, as children, then, as we grew older, we’d had to, DEAL with ALL those OUTSIDE noises, telling us, to BE who we turn out to be.

As nature made us, BUT, what if, I was, a mistake, a mishap, a freak of nature, that just wasn’t, ABORTED in time?  As nature made us, but, don’t socialization play a part of shaping us into who we become too?

As nature made us, well, NOT ALL of us are supposed to be here as we currently are, we are, the outcomes of our external relationships with the world, after all, we are, a social group of organisms, aren’t we?

As nature made us, tell that to those children who felt they were born into the wrong bodies since they were younger, those who had to deal with the incongruence of their feelings, versus how they actually appear, and tell me, that that, is NOT pressure enough, and yet, these “gender-unspecific” kids are forced, to conform to being either male OR female, is that fair?  Of course N-O-T!!!


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