Holding His Children Hostage

This, is actually what happened, to someone I know…

So, the story starts, he was injured on the job, couldn’t work, told his wife, to go out, and support the family abroad, because what they’d paid abroad, was a HELL of a LOT more back home, and his wife listened too.

A short while after she’d gone abroad to work, he’d taken up with a whore, after all, a man gets LONELY, right?  Then, he’d lied to his wife who’s making the money, to send it back to him, that he was going to buy the raw materials to build them a brand new house to live in, and, she’d believed him too, without knowing, that all the money she’d sent him, he’d used it to, keep his WHORE happy!

Then one day, came a letter, from her sister-in-law, the moment of truth: her husband had taken up with some other whore, because she’s not there, to SATISFY his “needs” (and EWWWWWWWWW!!!), and that, he’d left their youngest with her, and she’s now, having difficulties, keeping ALL of her kids fed, as well as this child that was hers, while her husband had taken, TWO of their older children, and gone OFF the radars.

And, as the story goes, this mother, who wanted nothing BUT to keep her kids safe will keep on getting extorted for money by her DEADBEAT husband, after all, he is now, holding two of HER children hostage, and, she’s so far from home, and there’s NOTHING she could do about it, after all, it’s NOT as if she just gone to the next town from where they lived, NO, she’d come abroad, to a BRAND new world, where she knew NO one, and it was, at the husband’s requests too………


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