Who’s Coming for Lunch, There are Only Twelve Students in an Elementary School Classroom, and They’re Fighting for Interactions with the Outside World

The IMPACT of having less children, working ITS “magic” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are only TWELVE students in an elementary school in Pingling, one student in both the first and the sixth grades, the instructor who’d been assigned to separate the classes, Huang started the “Who’s Coming to Lunch” program, hoped to trade “a meal for a class”, to fight for the ability of his student’s interacting with her peers.

The Yu-Guan Separated Class, was originally called Yu-Guan Elementary School, but because of the impact from having less children, and the population moving out, it’d become annexed into the Pingling Elementary School, became the Yu-Guan Campus, and, three years ago, it was, downgraded into just a classroom, “like a candle in the wind, we can disappear at any time”, Huang said, based off of the information of the land offices in Pingling, there would be no child entering school for the next two years, in the Yu-Guan District, and this worried him.

Huang is a homeroom teacher for the first grade, there is just one student for the entire grade, normally, it was a one-on-one session, and, after the text had been covered, he’d helped his student to work out what she needed to work on, and, outside of class, he’d became an older friend to his student, and he felt, that with just one student in his class, the student would lack the stimulations, and the interactions from the outside world.

In April, Huang started the “Who’s Coming to Lunch” program, trading a meal with a class period, used the vegetables grown by the school’s small plantation, basil, mushroom, and some leafy greens, he and the child will make the lunches together, to serve it to their guests, and the price is that the guests would have to come teach a lesson to the child.

Huang said, that there were people who’d signed up, and the student is also, looking forward to having the lunches with her guest, he’s more than welcome to the farmers, the doctors, the photographers, the actors and actresses, along with others from the varied occupational background to come, to open up the field of vision for his student, and hoped to allow more to get to know the Yu-Guan Class too.

He’d worked for a little over a decade in the school, and couldn’t bear to see the school disappear, “I will be willing to drive to and from the cities, to pick up and drop off the students myself, I just want one more child in my class.”, he said, that the students from Yu-Guan didn’t pale by competition with the rest of the other schools, many years ago, an alumni got into the first All-Girl’s High School of Taipei.

In recent years, Huang worked hard, to push forth the alternative ways to education, in order to help the student become more motivated in her own learning processes, he’d taught her how to make jams, to make the funds for her cycling around the island course, and had used the local environment in Pingling, to make a curriculum of nature too.

This, IS the adverse impact of having less and less children, and, this small school of just ONE student AND one teacher is in desperate need of attention, and, this instructor was more than innovative to come up with the idea, just hope that it works!!!


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