Replaced by Pictures

Replaced by pictures, are those words, used to convey our thoughts to one another, because, people don’t want to take all that time, to freakin’ read those god DAMN words printed down.

Replaced by pictures, this, is what the world’s turned into, instead of words on them billboards, you’d see pictures now, because, those drivers’ attentions are divided, and, they only have a split second, to process the visually inputted information, and, if words are involved, then, the words will get rerouted, into the Wernicke’s Corpuscle (for recognition’s sake, hello, hello, hello???), then, sent to one’s memories, to see if something matches, then, it outputs…

Replaced by pictures, the world will be, and soon, the younger generations won’t even need to read anymore, and that, would be bad because?  Oh yeah, you are raising up illiterate children, who will in turn, pass this illiteracy, DOWN to their own young, and, the next generations to come, and, this world will one day be, composed, of people who can’t even R-E-A-D, now, tell me that won’t BE problematic for the world…

Replaced by pictures, the words were, and, because it is still, the SURVIVAL OF the FITTEST, words can’t survive, not without someone, to keep their importance up.


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