My Mother’s Refusal in Trusting the Doctors, Cancer Took Her in a Year’s Time

So, here’s the ADVERSE results of someone’s loss of life, for NOT taking the doctor’s words, huh???  Translated…

Although my grandparents all died of cancer one by one, for me, the younger generations, cancer was still too far off, unrelated to me, plus, I have a mom who’d strong and confident, often called out to me, “the doctors go by their experiences giving out the prescriptions, I never go see them, and I will live until I’m 120.”  With this sort of a mom, “cancer” will totally NOT knock on our doors.

But, later on, my mother started coughing a lot, for long term, and still claimed, that she has a way of getting better, and, until she was finally too ill, she’d gone to the hospitals for a check up, it was, the terminal stage of lung cancer.  Even so, my mother still optimistically believed, that so long as she’d kept a regular schedule, longevity will be hers.

I just couldn’t understand, what sort of an environment, what sort of an education, had caused my mother to react so unkind, to the doctor’s treatments, as well as her families’ and friends’ shows of concerns, until she’d lost her looks due to chemo, did she let her defenses down, said that from when she was a kid, she hated going to the toilet to defecate, and had quoted my maternal grandfather, “the smellier the fart, the better.”  And because of how little she’d defecated, her farts actually really do stink, she believed, that it was good, and so, she’d followed these rules and grew up.

Although, after my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she’d started showing great attention to her defecation schedules, but, it was, already too late, and she didn’t believe the doctors, allowed the cancer cells to spread inside of her, this, was the seed she’d planted herself.

It took only a year’s time for my mother’s diagnosis to kill her, she was only fifty when she’d died, she didn’t have a higher education, nor was she knowledgeable, but, she’d used her own life, taught us: cancer prevention is not done overnight, that you must keep track of your defecation schedules, and go through your yearly health check ups, no matter how tough, or confidence you are, it’s all, lies, using to console oneself.

This, is a case, of refusing treatment, and this woman had allowed her cancer to go untreated, that, was why she’d died in a way she had, and, now, she’d left this lessons that her children are now, learning from.


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