Conned His Ex-Girlfriend’s New Lover, He’d Moved Out a Hit Order to Threaten Him

Look at how EXTREME the LOSERS in the populations CAN get???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A cofounder of a gang, Jiang learned that his ex-girlfriend started dating a man, Chen, he was unsuccessful in getting Chen to sign a check for half a million dollars, he’d forced Chen to withdraw $50,000N.T. as payment; Chen too the advantage to run, Jiang sent threatening messages to him for a week, then, posted Chen’s home address on Facebook, to get the other gangsters to go after his families, the District Court in Shihlin yesterday sentenced Jiang to eight months for threatening to scam money.

The courts investigated, that two years ago in February, before Jiang had started threatening Chen, who worked as a male stripper, told his friend, Huang, “I caught me a bull, I just tell him to spit out the money, and he does it!” “I don’t care how my ex is, she’s just a free fuck to me.”  “Let’s see, how much my face is worth, how much is he willing to pay?  I just wanted to frame him.”, etc., etc., etc., afterwards, he’d gone with his mates, Huang and Hsu, to his ex-girlfriend’s rental place, enticed her to open the doors.

A group of men ran into the room immediately, Jiang threatened Chen, “I’d been involved in gang-related activities for so long now, you slept with my girlfriend, how would it look on me?”, and made the gestures he was going to stab Chen’s head with a pen, the friends close by made it like they’re mediating, told Chen to sign a half-a-million dollar cashier’s check, Chen refused, Jiang asked for at least fifty thousand dollars, Chen claimed that he didn’t have that much on him, and ran off as he’d told them he was going to the ATM to make the withdraw.  Jiang was displeased at how Chen made his escape, started texting to harass him nonstop, “I will sent out a kill order on you”, “you really don’t know to repent, do you?”, “after I caught you, you will regret being born”, etc., etc., etc., and he’d publicly disclosed Chen’s information on Facebook and sent out a kill-for-reward order on him, Chen was so scared he’d finally notified the police, before Jiang was able to get a dime, he was arrested by the Detective Squad of the City of Taipei.

The judge pointed out, that Jiang, in order to extort money, and his gang had helped him, sent out a kill order, a bounty on Chen’s head, that his behaviors would affect the society negatively, and sentenced him to eight months in prison for threats and extortion, and his gang members, Hsu and Huang were sentenced to four months in prison.

And, believe it or don’t, it’s still ALL for that love that’s already lost, because a man was displeased at how another man got his girlfriend, he’d used his “relations” with the gang-related community, to make threats, and, look where it’d gotten him???  J-A-I-L, that’s W-H-E-R-E!!!


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