Undisturbed in Your Denial

This, is where I leave you, undisturbed, in your denial!

Undisturbed in your denial, that, was how you had managed, to KEEP everybody OUT, to protect yourselves, from the hurts and pains that this cruel, cold world had to offer to you.

Undisturbed in your denial, you will always have it as a “cover”, and, everything EVIL you’d done, you can also, BLAME it on your denial, thus, never needing to, take ANY responsibilities for your FUCKED up actions, as in E-V-E-R!

Undisturbed in your denial, that, is how you CHOSE to cope, but, I can’t, because I will NOT allow denial to RUIN me, as it’d already, RUINED some of my family members’ lives already.  Undisturbed, in your denial, HOW, can I get through to you?  I’m really, REACHING out on a limb here, so, won’t you just reach out too, and grab my hand, so, you won’t SINK, with the T-I-T-A-N-I-C, I’m only, trying to HELP you, and you just don’t realize it, and perhaps, it’s time that I stopped, reaching now…………


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Filed under Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Life, Messed Up Values, Observations, Socialization, STUCK in a Cookie Jar

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