The Aging of the Population is Pulling the Global Economy Downward

Based off of statistical measures by the IMF, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

IMF on the 7th published the “World Economic Visionary Report”, it’d shown that the developed countries are already impacted by the aging population, unless they’d made great investments in technology innovations or basic architectures, to up the productivities, or, the growth of the economy will be limited.  This warning had complied with the views of many experts, believed, that the global economy could be “stuck” in a “long-term stagnant growth cycle.”

IMF in the latest reports showed, that the growth of the elderly population is on the rise, meaning that there would be smaller increases in labor, and productivity, and that it’s bound to reduce the standard of living in the future.

If the average age of the citizens is three years above the estimated rates, based off of the GDP of 2010, the aging community will cause the more advanced economic systems to spend half times more GDP, and, in the developing economic systems, twenty-five percent.  “Based off of the entire world, the estimated amount is over trillions of U.S.D.s”

The challenges of the aging population, the government couldn’t manage to resolve alone, but, it would also be very difficult, using the ways that the regular citizens are saving up for their retirements.  A way is to instill the values of financial planning early in the schooling days, another is by reducing the expectations of how one is to live after retirement.

And so, this aging population will NOT only be problematic, to the group that’s about it HIT retirement right now, but all the generations that comes after, and, there is NO way to resolve this, because of the medical advances, of how people are watching what they eat more, they’re living longer, and this, will be a challenge that we will be faced with, for years to come.


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