Studying Hard is the Way to Success, He’d Forced His Young Daughter to Stay Up All the Way to the Crack of Dawn, to Remember the English Vocabulary Words

Yeah, a father, PUSHING his child, WAY too hard here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lee found success by studying hard, in order to help up his own daughter’s English abilities, started when she was in kindergarten, he’d had her recite in English, and if she couldn’t manage, she couldn’t go to bed at night, and, on the weekends, the daughter had stayed up all night, and didn’t get to bed until five in the morn.  His wife didn’t agree with his ways, they’d become strangers, and, they’d communicated with one another, with their daughter, passing the notes between them, the wife asked the courts for a divorce and was granted, but he could make an appeal for it.

After graduating from community college, Lee worked hard, and earned his master’s degree from Chenggong University, he’d hoped that his daughter could be better than he is, wanted her to be excellent in English as she reaches elementary age, started from when she was in preschool, he’d required her to recite one to two English essays a week, of about two pages in length; and also the vocabulary words too, and if she couldn’t manage, then, she’d kept up, all night long.

As the child entered into elementary school, on the weekends, he’d had her come to his office to recite English, and when she couldn’t, he’d started screaming at her, and, the child would often had to stay all day long in his office, until one, to two in the morn, the child felt a ton of pressures.  His wife disagreed with his methods of education, and, had gotten into verbal altercations with him a lot over this matter.

In these last three years, the couple had started sleeping in separate rooms, and, when Lee needed to tell his wife something, he’d had his daughter pass the paper strips, Lee’s wife filed for divorce, and the courts allowed on the first trial, Lee appealed.  At the appeals, Lee admitted, that although he and his wife got into disagreement over the methods of educating their daughter, but stressed that they’d still interacted with each other, and had worked hard, to try to communicate with his wife, and that his wife was involved in his family gatherings, and that it wasn’t like she’d stated, that they’d not talked for multiple years, or lived on separately.

But the two daughters told the judge, that their father would have them recite English every single day, and, on the weekends, he’d taken them to his office, and, starting from eight in the morn, all the way, into the wee hours of the night, were they able to get back home again, and if they didn’t recite the material well, they’d had to go over to his office again the next day to do it, and, if they just couldn’t manage it, their father would ask them to use rote memorizations.

They’d told, that their mother wanted their father to reduce the study load, and believed that reciting the high school level English texts is way too hard, that he should start them on something easier, but he disagreed, and the two of them often fight about it a lot.  That if they didn’t do well enough on their tests, they’d be called, “garbage, go to die.”

The Tainan High Courts’ Collectivist Courts separated the daughters and questioned them separately, and because the two girls stated the same things, the courts believed that they were telling the truth, and found the couple’s marriage, irreparable, and the divorce was granted, and the custody of the children goes to the mother, but the father could still appeal.

Yeah, uh, they are so very young, what, are you trying to do?  Kill their joys for learning?  And this, is one of the WORST case scenarios of how a parent had imposed HIS own methods, which worked on HIM, onto his child, without realizing, that his children ARE all different, that they may NOT learn the same ways as he does!


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