Imposition of Dreams

This, is how dreams got turned, into NIGHTMARES!!!

At first, you don’t really feel like they’re imposing on you, after all, they were, your dreams, and yet, as your days went on, your dreams drifted farther and farther from where you currently are…

They’d become, this distant thing, that you wanted to reach up towards, but your arms are, way too short to even TOUCH it, and that, is when they’d become an imposition to you, but, that’s not how dreams are supposed to be, you say.

Imposition of dreams, that, is what they ALL become, even IF they started off, as those childhood fantasies, because, eventually, you WILL get pounded down, by the reality of things: rents, bills, need to pay for your food, etc., etc., etc., and soon, those dreams that you had, they’d become, this heavy burden upon your shoulders, lurking over you, and, you’d started to, suffocate, very slowly.

Impositions of dreams, that, is not what I wanted my dreams to turn into, impositions, but, I can’t help it, because reality is too harsh, too cruel, and, sometimes, late at night, when I gaze up at the stars, I’d feel saddened, by how far, my dreams had, drifted, away from me, and, by morning, I won’t even remember them anymore, because, RING-RING, the REALITY alarm clock is sounding off!!!

When, did our dreams become an imposition?  Do you not recall, how when we were younger, our heads were, filled with nothing BUT those wonderful dreams of our future?  Well, we’d arrived, to our futures, and, where, are those dreams we saw ourselves living from before?  Nowhere to BE found, that’s W-H-E-R-E.


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