With a Positive Attitude Toward Cancer, Living Life in Full Color

Let’s BEAT this thing, translated…

There are two people I knew who were diagnosed with cancer, one is my good friend, with cancer of the stomach, the other, my partner at work, she has breast cancer.  They both had something in common, they’re both very young, and had gotten the diagnoses in the earliest stages possible, but because of the attitudes they took to fighting their cancers, they’d had different results.

Let me talk about my good friend who’d passed away some time ago, when she’d felt that something was up with her health, she was at the busiest time of her work, because she had a strong sense of responsibility, after she’d gotten through the busyness of work, she’d gone to the doctors, but by then, she’d stalled for three months already, and her cancer took a turn for the worst, although she’d had her entire stomach removed, but the doctors are not sure, that the cancer didn’t metastasize yet, and this, was a mistake on her attitude.

On top of that, she’d refused radiology treatments or medications, only took to the ways that people are passing around locally, she’d even drunk urine, wasted a ton of money, in the end, there was still no saving her life.

And let me talk about my coworker now, when she’d felt a lump underneath the armpit, she felt that something was wrong, immediately, she’d found a surgeon, to get rid of it, had a mastectomy.  During the time when she was sent home to recover, she was a complying patient, on the areas of diet, she’d followed the doctor’s orders, took in large amounts of proteins, so her body could have the strength and the energy to fight off her cancer, but it’d made her lose her figure, but she didn’t care.

In order to increase her immune system’s ability to fight off infections, she’d worked out every single day, rain or shine, you can see her out and about, and she’s still living her life in full color to date.

Most people believed, that getting the diagnosis of cancer means a death sentence, started feeling awful about one’s own predicaments, and became hopeless toward life; it’s not actually so, the successes like my coworker are countless too, so long as you find the cancer early on, get treated in time, lady luck will still be on our sides.

So, you can see, how attitude here, is still the determinant of success, right?  And because the first friend just let it slide, that, was why she’d died, and she didn’t get treated by the medical methods, only followed the superstitions, which, was another fatal mistake, but the second friend, after her diagnosis, she didn’t get beaten, instead, she’d worked harder, to get herself as healthy as she possibly could, so she could have enough strengths to fight off the illness, and, because of her actively fighting off cancer, that, was why she’d succeeded.


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