Using Violence to Discipline, Causing Children to Behave More Oddly

Research showed, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Worked hard, to raise the children up, and, how can the child become murderer of the parents?  The scholars who’d researched into the matter believed, that it was caused by the children’s anti-social personality characteristics; but the psychiatrists believed, that the environment has a great effect.

The past two days, there were news of children murdering parents, and, the cold-blooded behaviors of the children are shocking to the world.  “This type of people is not the minorities in the world”, the professor from the Counseling Department of the Changhwa Teacher’s University, Kuo stated, everything is based off of the self, think of only oneself, didn’t care who one hurts, and don’t think that one’s actions can cause pains to others, the mistakes are all in “they don’t understand me, they don’t comply with my demands.”

Wang, the psychiatrist from the Changhwa Christian Hospital took the examples of the literature from foreign sources, suggested the parents to especially watch the diets of the children before age five, because enough nutrients can help the brains developed properly, to prevent the neurons from malnourished, causing problems in impulse control, don’t use violence to discipline, so “the violence will causing children with a predisposition to behave even abnormally.”

And so, it’s all the parents fault, sure, there may have been a predisposition to violence in the lives of young children, but, NOT all children who were exposed in violence turn out violently, and, it’s all in the nurturing of one’s young here.


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