The Taiwan Fund for Children & Families: the Nurseries Still Use Physical Measures to Discipline Young Children

Would you leave your young in the hands of these individuals???  I wouldn’t think so!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s great pressure to care for the younger children, the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families asked for the opinions of those child care workers who are involved in taking care of children from ages zero to six, and found, that nearly eighty-four percent would start to get loud when they met a difficulty in taking care of the children, fifty-seven percent would spank the children on the bottoms or the palms, thirty-one percent would pull on the children hard.

This, is a VERY shocking statistic, isn’t it?  And yet, because ALL you parents work, to make your ends meet, so, there’s NO way that ANY of you out there can possibly stay at home, and look after your young, and, you’d left your young, in danger…


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