The Practitioner of Tao Set Up a Car Crash, His Father Died, His Wife Seriously Injured

People would do ANYTHING for money, apparently, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who was a practitioner of Tao in Nantou, Chang, suspected of owing the loan sharks close to six million dollars N.T., two nights ago, he’d driven his elderly father, and his newlywed wife to the mountains, and used the excuse of needing to urinate, and left the shift in drive, causing the car to slide down into the valley, causing the father to die, and his wife seriously injured.  The police found, that Chang took out two insurance policies for his father and his wife, suspected that he’d murdered his own father for the money, the D.A. charged him on murdering his closest of kin.

The forty-one year old Chang works as a “master” in a temple, even recorded down his service ceremonies on cable.

The police originally thought that this, was a simple case of accidental deaths, but, the officers found Chang to be too calm, and as they’d asked him about what had happened, he was inconsistent in his claims.  The assistant captain of the investigative team, Chang found, that Chang was parked on a regular parking lot, that it was still 1.5 meters away from where the bodies were found, that even IF the shift was in neutral, without the hand brakes, it still wouldn’t have slid forward, let alone, slide down into the valley.

Chen went up, took Chang’s hand, found that his hands were cold, and he was slighting shaken up, believed that something was up; about twelve minutes later, he was able to break through to Chang, when Chang admitted to planning the events for a month, to set up the murders of both his own wife and father.

The police got to know, that Chang didn’t have a stable source of income, before Chang’s mother died, she’d fallen ill, plus his father’s dementia was progressing, he needed the money for the medical treatments, three years ago, he’d started taking loans from the loan sharks, and, he’d owed them three million dollars N.T. to date, with the interests added, the amount was up to six million.

Chang said, that last year, he’d taken out insurance policies for accidents on his wife and father, this year, he could get the total amount, and the insurance payments are up to four million dollars, that, was why he’d decided to falsify the car accident, to make fraudulent claim to the insurance company.  But he said that he loved his wife very much, but the pressures from the debtors caused him to want to murder his whole family, and kill himself.

The police investigated and found, that a month ago, Chang had gone to the spot, to check out the location, found, that there are NO railings by the rest stop on the mountain pass; two nights ago, Chang used the excuse of wanting to take his father and wife out to see the night scenes, he’d driven the car toward the rest stop, put the shift into drive, then, jumped out, and, without any warning beforehand to them, the wife and the father slid down into the valleys down below.

Chang’s wife said, that last September, she’d registered for marriage with him, recently, she didn’t find anything up with him, there was still the wedding cakes yet to be delivered to their friends and families in the car too, she hoped that the police can get to the bottom of the case quickly.

After Chang’s wife was lifted to the hospital, she’d shown signs of temporary amnesia, couldn’t recall what happened exactly, but she’d mentioned, that as they were riding up, her husband handed something to her and her father-in-law to drink, and, afterwards, her father-in-law passed out.  The investigating officers suspected that Chang had added substances to the drink, they’re sending the two cans of drinks they’d found to the labs for testing.

And so, for the sake of money, you’d set up this elaborate scheme, to murder your own father AND wife, and now, you’re still caught, and, you still won’t BE able to pay UP those loan sharks that you owed to.


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