The Parents’ Trust Funds: When the Misbehaving Children Couldn’t Make Money Off of the Parents, They’d Start Behaving Themselves

A method of CONTROL that could possibly work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case where in order to pay up their credit card debts, the son and the daughter-in-law took the parents out, murdered the parents, made it look like an accident, to get the insurance claims.  A forty-year-old man who owed three million dollars N.T. in debt, set it up so that the car slid down into the valleys, causing his own father to die.  All of these children murdering parents showed an assortment of troubles in the society.  The core is: the game of finances had shaken up the moral center of the families these days, the son, for the sake of the inheritance, the insurances, the payments of repatriations, murdering the parents.

What can we do?  Focus on moral education, the law, the religions, etc., etc., etc., none of it hit the problem in the core, if the sons wanted the money, then, how can we prevent the beneficiaries from getting the money from the “finance systems”, instantly, that, is the method, to STOP the thought of greed.

For instances, the son only receives a couple of thousand dollars a month for the murders of his father and mother, there would be a reduced motive for him, murdering his parents.  And the way is through “trust”.

The parents can put their assets into a trust, and transfer their money to the banking systems, and have the banks allot the money, at which time, although the ownership of the money became the banks’, however, it’s still separate from the person’s individual finances.  The elders can sign a trust deed with the banks, and hand in the money.  If one is dead, then, the bank can allot smaller amounts of money to for living, or medical purposes to the children.  And, because the children won’t get a lump sum payment, thus, their motives for murdering the parents are reduced.

This, is in light of the case with the son and daughter-in-law conspired and murdered the parents of the son, by taking them on outings, and, causing “accidents” to occur, and the son and daughter-in-law were both charged, but if the child wants to kill the parents, then, nothing’s going to stop her/him from doing so, and the money is only an added incentive, so, this still won’t work, in my opinion.


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