My Chubby Hubby Became a “Hottie”

Between a husband and a wife, translated…

Before I married, my husband is a standard fit handsome lad, after the marriage, his life became stable, with his wife’s looking after him well, his body became like a balloon, bloated up.  He is only in his forties, but he’d gained over ten kilograms compared to before we married, plus there’s genes, his head of whites made him look like an elderly person.  He’d gone by the trains to and from work, and there would be students who’d let up the seats for him, and, there would be young children who’d called him, “Grandpa”, it’d hurt him so.

Seeing all of this happening to him, I’d decided, to set up a diet plan for him.  I’d gone online, searched for the information, because my husband would need to take the night shifts from time to time, and some of the diet meals wouldn’t fit his schedules, and so, I’d set up my own, I’d given him only fruits for breakfast, and skipped all the omelets, the sandwiches, the stir-fried buns, and I’d chosen those fruits that are low in sugar, tomatoes, apples, guava, as the basis, added in the seasonal fruits, totally up to six to seven kinds, the remaining two meals, he’d taken them regularly, added in the exercises, and, the results were amazing in a couple of months, he’d lost two, three kilograms already.  A few years had passed, my husband’s amazing stamina had reduced over ten kilograms to his weight, and he’d not gained it back, to this date, he’s still taken the diet plans I’d scheduled for him, and exercised regularly.  And now, he has smooth skins, light strides, looking better by the day.

A few days ago, we’d gone to a banquet, and I’d dyed his hair, after his weight loss, he looked like a hottie, it’d shocked a lot of the relatives we hadn’t seen in quite a while, and they’d all asked him how he’d done it.  I, being ignored, gained a deep understanding of how there’s NO difficult thing in life, only humans who thought the things are unmanageable, my husband’s persistence to dieting, is a great example of this.

And so, it still takes a TON of persistence, of course, with the wife’s watching the man on what he ate, and, without his wife pushing him, this man probably wouldn’t have been as successful in losing weight, which still shows how we women are pushing you, because you’d slack off, and, we’re there, to MAKE sure that you keep to the tight schedules.


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One response to “My Chubby Hubby Became a “Hottie”

  1. It’s so good that a woman is doing this because too often men eat themselves into strokes and diabetes and then criticise a little love handle on the mothers of their children. So unfair. x

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