The Father Was M.I.A., the Mother Drowned? The Son and the Daughter-in-Law Murdered Both Their Parents, for Insurances

Committing murders, for the sake of the insurance claims, very BAD behaviors!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

For paying up the credit card debts of $400,000 N.T., the couple took the parents out to travel, donated the dead bodies to the hospitals, claimed the $50,000N.T. of severance money from the hospitals, their eagerness for the insurances payments were what gave them away, arrested on their way to make their escape at the airport.

The woman, Wang from Nantou last year in October, at the shallow places of a creek, drowned to death, and her husband’s remains were found in February, he’d been missing for eight months, the investigating officers found, that after the elderly went missing, the son and daughter-in-law were very eager to get the coroner’s reports, and asked for the insurance payment claims, that they’d behaved very odd, after following the leads, they’d found, that it was, murdering the parents, for the sake of insurance claims.

The officers found, that Wang and Chen, the couple were pressed by the $400,000N.T. credit card debts, they’d designed the murders of the man’s parents by taking them out, causing one to fall into the streams and drowning, and the other parent to go missing, after they’d murdered the elders, they’d shown NO sign of remorse, attempted to make their way out of the country, to Indonesia, and on their way out of the airport, they were arrested, the judge mandated that the couple get taken into custody, with no visitors.

The police found, that Wang (age 39) had been unemployed for seven years, and the family of three relied on the parents’ elderly sustenance from the government.  The seventy-six year old elderly father, because of kidney disease, was hospitalized at the hospital of the sanitation welfare department in Nantou, Wang disregarded his father’s conditions, with the tubes connected to his body, took him to the Chung-Yuan Tribe in Ren-Ai Region to travel, and on that same night, Wang called the police, to report his father missing.

Wang is not the biological child of the elderly man, during the time when Wang’s father went missing, Wang took his father’s four teeth to the D.A.’s office, to ask for a paternity test, seemed to just wanted to prove that his father was already deceased, with no hopes for him for being alive, the D.A. told him, “there’s not enough for a DNA test,” Wang told them, “I still have another tooth”, the investigators thought it to be quite odd.

After Wang’s father went missing, last year on October 15, Wang again, took his mother to a creek, to “catch some shrimps”, but the mother drowned, afterwards, the couple asked for the insurance claims too hurriedly, causing the insurance company to question, and asked the D.A.  The D.A. found that last year, starting in August, Wang had made multiple calls to the insurance agencies, wanted to take out an insurance policy for his mother who was over seventy and was denied, Wang had threatened the company, to report to the Government Insurance Programs.

At the very end, he was able to get a policy with Cathay Insurance for half a million dollars N.T., but, a little over a month later, Wang’s mother drowned.

On February 7 this year, the remains of a body was found in Bei-Gang Creek, after Wang had heard about this, before seeing the body, he’d taken out the teeth from five years ago, that he’d saved from his father, to hand over to the coroner’s office, to confirm the dead body.

Last month, the police called the couple in for a polygraph, and searched Wang’s and his father’s residence, and took in the cell phone, the SUV, as evidence, and restricted the Wang’s movements.

After Wang saw that what he’d done was about to go bust, on the 29th, he’d taken his son and his wife on the run, he’d first dropped his son off at his wife’s uncle in Miaoli, but Wang’s wife couldn’t get out because her passport was expired, when Wang went to the airport in Taoyuan, to get the tickets for Indonesia, he was caught by the airport police.

You’d almost gotten away, but you didn’t, and, this man murdered both his parents for money, because he couldn’t pay UP his own credit card debts, and this just shows, how easily, that someone you love can easily turn on you, because of money, and money is still one of the mostly found causes of murder in the world today.


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