Letting What You Cherished the Most Go

The observations made of a child, translated…

My nine-year-old nephew, En-Yu is excellent at making paper airplanes, the assortment of fighter crafts are no challenges for him, like the F-15, the F-16, F-22, C-5, the transporting craft, F-106, the Mirage 2000, Su-27, a Russian Fighter Plane, etc., etc., etc.

Once, my coworker gave him a backpack, I’d asked him, “Someone gave you something, do you want to give him one of your own handmade paper airplanes?”

He’d said yes, through the phone, and told me, to give a MiG-28 to my coworker.  I couldn’t help but ask him curiously, why he’d chosen this particular aircraft?  He’d told me, “because this is my favorite craft!”

The most recent one was when his elderly great grandfather passed away, we’d asked En-Yu if we could burn a paper airplane to his great grandfather as a memorabilia for him, without hesitations, he’d said, “No problem, but don’t take the F-22 and the F-35.”

We’d originally thought, that it was because those two are his favorites, and, after we’d inquired him about it, he’d shown us, that the wings and the missiles are flawed, so, he “didn’t feel appropriate” to give it to his great grandfather.

“Wow, giving what you loved the most out, my nephew, En-Yu is all grown up.”

I couldn’t help, but feel in awe at his generous attitude, and wanted to give him a thumbs up for his generosities as well!

And so, this, is a NINE-YEAR-OLD child, and, this just shows how selfless and giving children can be, because they hadn’t gotten “tainted” yet by this adult world of ours, which is why they can still view this world, with this naïve nature that they still have…


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