Absorbing the Pains

This, is what those “sponges” do, isn’t it???

Absorbing the pains, this, is what we have the tendencies to do, after all, we’re all, drawn to the feelings of pains, and it still wouldn’t BE because we ENJOY torturing ourselves, oh no!

Absorbing the pains, we both had, it’s just, that you’d allowed your pains to consume you, to swallow you whole, to DROWN you, while I, I managed, to keep my head, above “water”, and survived.

Absorbing the pains, we all will, whether or not we like to, because that, is just how life goes, and, there’s NO way of changing the facts of how we will still be, absorbing the pains from our separate families of origins (and yes, they’re still the SOLE sources of OUR pains into the adulthood years too!).

Absorbing the pains, you won’t have to, because I will NOT allow for it (not even for you, Master!), because I had, absorbed ALL the pains of their former lives, and, it’d become burdensome, too heavy, for me to carry, but carried them, I still had, and it was still just, WAY too hard, growing up is the thing, and I will NEVER allow what had happened to me, to happen to you to, my dearly BELOVED, DEAD “daughter”………and no, she still doesn’t “exist”, not physically, at least.

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