A Good Man Who Don’t Mean NO Harm

A TRAGIC story of how someone RATIONALIZES abuse here…

He is, a good man who don’t mean no harm, honest, he’d treated me wonderfully, well, most of the days, but, on the evenings when he’d come home drunk, I’d have to step on those easily broken glasses then.

A good man who don’t mean NO harm, he just used me as a punching bag from time to time, and, it’s my fault, for getting in his way, I should’ve noticed how he wasn’t feeling well, and instead of prodding him on how his day at work went, I should’ve just kept my loud mouth shut, but I didn’t, I prodded all right, and the result?  This SHINER on my left eye!

A good man who don’t mean NO harm, honest, he is, he’s very kind to me, would shower me with a TON of gifts, and we’d made passionate love (are you F***ING kidding me here!!!), after he’d beaten the SHIT out of me, as his ways of apologizing to me ab out it.

A good man who don’t mean NO harm, he’s actually a great man, and he’s usually not like this, beating on me, he’s great with the kids too, it’s just, that don’t know why, that when the kids see him, they’d all scattered, run like hell, it must BE my fault, for NOT teaching my offspring right, to love and honor, AND respect their daddy!

Are you FUCKING (no, don’t PARDON me this time here!!!) kidding me, and tell me that you don’t see how this is still that VICIOUS cycle called A-B-U-S-E.

If he’s a good man, then, he wouldn’t HARM in the first place, instead of hurting you, then, saying that he’s SORRY for what he did to you, like those two M***ER F***ERS (“maxed out”, from a VERY long time ago there!!!) had done to me, and now, I’m still OUT, of that vicious cycle I was born, AND raised in!


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