Secret Note

Traveling through time, to way back when, translated…

There are multiple ways you can travel through time, for instance, using the Time Machine made by Doraemon, or through the diary of The Butterfly Effect, through traveling back through time, to rewrite history.  For me, time travel is not through those not-yet-invented machines, or some special diaries, what transported me were the names, the nicknames I was referred to when I was a teen.

At age seventeen, I was given some sort of a reputation, and received a slimy, soggy piece of paper, with the writings smeared that with the red ins, “It’s abnormal for girls to have short hair, you’re just like Ella and Yanzi Sun, W-E-I-R-D!”

I didn’t reply, just rolled up the toilet paper, and tossed it into the trash can at the back of the classroom, many years ago, I’d understood, that that ball of message, that’s gone god-knows-where is bullying.  It’s been a little over a decade now, Yanzi Sun and Ella both grew their hair longer.  I wanted to mail their records now back to when I was seventeen, to use it as a rebuttal for the notes written to me.

And so, this, is bullying, because you looked a certain way, for whatever reasons, you got picked on, and, you didn’t realize it, but it was, girl-on-girl bullying, and now, you’re older, looking back, you realized, how those bullies are just what they are: bullies, and you’d proven them wrong!


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