Such a Special Friend, the Features of a Woman


My friend lives alone, she’s very happy, she’d told me, “I have clothes and food, and I’m more than satisfied with life.”  She’d never involved herself in gatherings with food, drinks and gossips.  She said, “This is a cheap kind of socialization, with friends and families you can share your thoughts with is more than enough.”

I’d told her, “But others may say that you’re too weird.”

She’d smiled, “So long as I’m comfortable with myself, and besides, gossiping about others means that you don’t have anything new happening in your lives.  Plus, the judgments are all temporary, because what one cares about the most is one’s children, and one’s family members’ wellbeing.” Because she never wears any masks in life, and kept true to her values in living her days, her heart and spirits are free and simple.

My friend’s house has the elegance in decoration, but, it didn’t have the electronic appliances of television, washer, computer, even a water bottle.  She said, that even IF one day, we’re restricted from using electricity, it wouldn’t affect her at all.  It’s too time consuming to have to sit down to watch television, she’d turned on the radio, for the important news; washed her clothes by hand, it’d saved up on the water, and trains her muscle tone on her arms; if she wanted to drink some hot water, she can put a kettle on the stove.  And, the public library is her comfortable and luxurious “office”, with everything she needs inside, she said, “Most people knew to save up the money, but, what we needed to save the most is our minds, and our time.”

She’d explained that twenty years ago, she’d had a desktop computer, and, whenever there’s problem with it, it’d caused her to get anxious.  And now, she gets the needed assistance from the younger librarians, because they not only knew how to operate the computers well, they’re all very friendly too.  My friend said, admiringly, “you can’t use your age as a factor, there are a lot of things we can learn from the younger generations.”, then, she’d turned her tone of voice to a more serious one, “but, we, as elderly, shouldn’t just accept the assistance endlessly, we must show gratitude too, when we’re able to, we should give back, to not waste away other people’s kindness to us.”

She’d continued, that when she was younger, she’d gone to the States to study, life was hard, there were two girls who’d often helped trim her hair, helped her move, and took her in, provided her with breakfasts.  Before Valentine’s Day this year, she’d sent these two ladies local products from Taiwan to these two, older (because it’s been thirty years) ladies, who shared the same apartment building.  As they’d received her presents to them, they were touched and moved to beyond words, one of them wrote in e-mail, “Surely, you’d made a beautiful and heartwarming memory!   Do remember that my home is open to you, at any time.”  Another wrote, “thanks, for allowing me to feel your love!”

My friend said with this depth, “Old age is the harvesting time of life, when you’re still able to give your time and money, you should give back to those who are still, fighting for you, because if you managed to touch others with your actions, they will also, touch your life as well.”

And so, this, is the philosophy that this woman held of life, she’d lived a simple life, because she didn’t feel that she needed all that much, and, by living this reduction of life, she is able to find peace, satisfaction, and cherished what she has more, and she’s able to not get distracted with all the unimportant materialistic matters like the rest of the world’s people are troubled by them.


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