Religion & Homosexuality, the Relativity of Literature for April


Love is love, simple as that!

The love between two adults, helping each other out, they’re NOT hurting anybody else, what, is the problem here?

I can’t believe, that heaven is so narrow, that it won’t even tolerate real love………

Chen: as a Buddhist, I’d not feel the pressures of being homosexual.  There’s no clear specifications of it in the Buddhist writings, perhaps, it has to do with the traditions of India, meaning that as Buddha came into being, there’s this openness to the relationship of man and woman, is much more open than the values that China had beheld, at least, not on the lecturing of the matters.  Of course, when I’d heard the “masters” fitting “moral” of the beliefs of the religion to talk about homosexuals, I’d turned around immediately to leave, and never entered into that same place of god again.

“If you are to achieve true freedom, you must live in the reality.”, with this mindset, to get to know one’s religion, naturally, you wouldn’t stray from the right path—otherwise, there are a ton of “masters” who’d filled up the auditoriums, we can only follow their leads.  Compare to other religions, Buddhism seemed to be more flexible, some of those who practice the values of Buddhism only dress up like those who worshipped Buddha, but, not becoming vegetarians, the Japanese monks are married with children, Dalai Lama eats beef, and even in the books of Xun Lu, it’d talked of how the monks from his hometown had wives, the Japanese Mishima Yukio talked of how there were gay monks, which was a trend that the monks from Japan got from the Monks in China, and, there were many of the levels of the masters of religion who believed this.  And, with all of these affirmations, I’d fitted, comfortably, into the teachings of the Buddhist belief systems.

Ou-Yang: a lot of people asked me, why are you gay, and Christian at the same time, and you’re a pastor too?  When the question came from homosexual non-Christians, because they understood, that they couldn’t choose their sexual preferences, but, one is able to choose, to be a Christian or not; they couldn’t understand why I’d stayed true to this religion that’s abandoned me.  Heterosexual non-Christians also asked me this, because they couldn’t understand, that our sexuality was not mandated by god, thought that I’d chosen something that god was against on my own.  And both groups don’t understand, that homosexuality is NOT what I’d chosen for myself, and that God couldn’t be opposed to homosexuals!

A lot of the Christians in Asia (the western world is more advanced in many ways, a lot of western Christians are so too), believed that God is anti-gay, but, they can never reasonably describe the reasons why God was anti-homosexuals, or why it is a great evil.  And, you’d asked the people why The Holy Bible is anti-homosexuals, and he’d said, that being a homosexual is sin; you asked him why being a homosexual is sin?  He’d replied, that because The Holy Bible is against homosexuals.  And this just keeps on going back and forth, back and forth and it never gets old.

I’d insisted on coming out of the closet, even becoming a pastor, because I’m following the footstep of Christ, as he’d never been afraid, of facing those who are traditional and conservative in their religious beliefs, Jesus is like the teachers of great religions, never fearing to challenge the mainstream religion, not fearing to stand out.  And, the great teachers of religions are even more sensitive toward the groups’ misbeliefs, and encouraged the followers, to think for themselves.  Buddha once told his followers, to NOT blindly follow my teachings, to always test, to think for oneself.  And Jesus also said to his audience, “Why don’t you consider for yourselves, what, is reasonable?”  In other words, don’t be afraid to think, do fear thinking independently, “measure for yourselves, what, is reasonable.”  Simply stated, don’t care about what traditions say, think about if the traditions are reasonable.  This, is the spirits of reasoning and independent thinking.  Christ not only once advocated thinking independently, once a group of individuals accused Christ of speaking up against what can and can’t be done on Sabbath, but Christ did it bravely, later he’d told…

So, it’s NOT religions that are against homosexuals, it’s the PEOPLE who twisted those religious teaching that made others believe that religions ARE against homosexuals, and, once again, religions IS not narrow-minded at all, it seems, it’s the people who PREACH about the religions who ARE narrow-minded, and, they’d used their influences to spread their narrow-mindedness to the public, and, because the public has absolutely NO clue, therefore, we’re still following their leads.

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