On the Boulevard of Life

We ride out, on the boulevard of life, not knowing, if we’d get stalled, by those consecutive red lights, or that if we’ll get that fender bender, by the person driving behind us…

On the boulevard of life, we are all driving, and, there’s NO way of getting ahead, of passing someone else who’s driving slower, when you’re in need of speed (not talkin’ ‘bout the illegal substance…).

On the boulevard of life, we’re all trying to surpass each other, trying to outrun one another, without knowing, that hey, if I passed you now, I’d still have to slow my ride down, as I met up with a red light, so, what’s the HURRY?  On the boulevard of life, is there anyway, that I can get off now?  I’m really tired of riding now, oh, I know, I’ll just, SLAM on my brakes, and see what happens???

On the boulevard of life, oh wait, I’d already CROSS the FINISH lines, and I’m no longer running this race, as for the rest of you?  Keep ridin’………


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Filed under Expectations, Interpersonal Relations, Observations, Perspectives, Philosophies of Life, Properties of Life

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