How Many Accidents are in Life, on the Education of Children


My daughter who’d in college came into the door, and used that shocking expression of hers, told me, “Mom, I heard that Lu joined the army.”  What!  Did I hear it wrong?  He’s only a sophomore in university, could he have, dropped out of school, and enlisted, if so, it is, truly shocking.

Lu was my daughter’s classmate from middle school, and, almost every single teacher and student knew of him, every time there’s an exam, he’d scored at the top, and, he’d only gotten one English question wrong on his college entrance exams, almost to perfection.  This bright and shiny star, naturally got into his choice of high school.

But, as he was filling out the majors for college, his family had disagreements on what he should major in, although he’d ended up in the medical department of a public university, he clearly couldn’t manage to graduate.  As a parent, I can understand, how regretful his parents must be!  The children’s achievements ARE the parents’ pride, this straight-A student, made a forced turn on the boulevard of life, it was, shocking to all all right.

The daughter of my good friend, Sunny, back when she was in school, she’d also scored at the top.  Being from a single parent household, she knew her mother’s hardships, worked hard, to try to get into her first choice.  But things didn’t go as she’d planned, she’d not gotten in.  After the relatives and the friends learned, they’d all talked of how fate played the tricks on her.

Later on, Sunny transferred to the night school department of a technical university, part-timed her way to get her degree.  Hearing my good friend tell me, that at first, she couldn’t even get into the worst of the day schools, the two of them, mother and daughter held onto one another and cried hard.  But, reality is still waiting to be met up with, in the end, Sunny had even graduated, at the top of her class.

How many “accidents” are in life”?  When we’re so comfortable living an easy life, we couldn’t manage, to take in the extra beat downs.  But, it had already happened, and, no amount of feeling sorry for oneself is going to do any good.

It’s not scary to fall down, what’s scary, is never getting back up again.  Actually, so long as you can accept and deal with those conflicts in one’s life with a positive attitude, you can make a turn on the freeway of life, and still do an amazing job.

And the moral of this story is???  Life can and WILL throw you those curve balls, and, how you choose to deal with those curve balls, IS the key points of how you will either succeed, or fail in life, and, having a good attitude is a very important key here.


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