Cheated After the Engagement, on Relationship

This is because???  You’re about to turn yourselves in, to serve that LIFE sentence, so, before you signed your lives away, you’d gone crazy???  Translated…

My younger sister works for a public office, because how busy she is at work, her social circle is too small, although she’s already older, she is still single, with NO friends from the members of the opposite sex.  Last year, she’d taken a vacation in Europe during her time off, on the trip, she’d met a handsome, gentlemanly, boyfriend who works in trade.

As they returned back home, they’d started dating, became a couple, inseparable, and, all of our friends and families believed, that they were, a match made in heaven.

With everybody giving out the blessings, last year, the two of them were engaged, we believe, that our younger sister is about to put on that white dress, and march down the aisle soon.

But, out of expectation, recently, my younger sister started locking herself up in her room, never went out again, and, she’d started frowning a lot too, like she’d gotten taken or something.

After observing her like this for a couple of days, I’d asked her, “Did something bad happen to you?  Don’t keep it locked up inside, why don’t you tell it to me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.”

At the moment after I’d told her this, her tears slid down her cheeks, she’d cried and told me, “A few days ago, I’d gone to see the flowers bloom, and I’d bumped into my fiancé, with a hottie in his arms, acting so intimate with each other, taking selfies in the blooming flowers.  I’d turned around angrily and came home, and I’d decided, at the moment, to break it off with him, to never see or hear from him again.”

I’d felt much relieved after I heard, thinking, a man who’s unfaithful to love before the marriage, could we expect him to be faithful after the marriage?  Rather than finding out too late, it’s better to know beforehand, and just sever the ties.

Men and women must be careful when dating, because one wrong move, your lives will be filled with regrets forever.

And so, it’s still better to find out, before the two of you tied the knot, because if he’s cheating on you when the two of you were dating, or engaged, imagine how he will still keep to his old ways, after you are wedded, so, it’s better to have your hearts broken now, rather than later, isn’t it?  Sure is!

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