He Can Only Become a Dad Through Computer Interactions with His Own Son, on Parent-Child Interactions


My good friend’s son originally worked in Taiwan, but a few years ago, he was transferred to work to China, and his newlywed wife has a steady job here, she couldn’t let it go, so she didn’t follow him.  At first, my good friend’s son came home every one and a half months, then, it’d become once every three months.

My good friend felt awful for this newlywed pair who were separated by the distances, later on, her daughter-in-law gave them a grandson.  And now, the little over two-year-old grandson is in the stages of learning, he knew a lot of English words, as well as nursery rhymes, with a lot of his cute moves.

And so, everybody felt bad for my close friend’s son not being there, to participate in person, his son’s growth processes.  But, my good friend immediately rebutted us, “It’s not so at all!  My daughter-in-law would use webcam to allow my son to talk to my grandson each and every night, they could see one another, and, my son would always asked my grandson, ‘what did you learn today, show me!’”

She said, that her son would use the internet, to check the progresses of learning of his own son, and, although her son only makes it back once every three months, but her grandson knows his father very well, with absolutely NO gaps.  Compared to a lot of the fathers in Taiwan who go out to business calls every single night, with absolutely NO time to interact with ones’ own children, it’s so much better.

With the changes of time, there are more and more families that were split up, because of work, children won’t wait to grow up, if fathers don’t want to be missing-in-action from their offspring’s growth processes, be a “computer dad”, and watch over ones’ own children age from a distance, is a very good method.

And so, because you have to work, you can’t be there, with your child, to watch him age by the day, but, because of the modern day technological advances, you are still able to see the progress in your children’s growths, and you’re NOT missing out on any important moment of milestones of their lives.


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