The Young Middleman, on Filial Relations


On the weekends, I took my son home to visit my mother, very shortly after we ate, my parents who’d moved into the living room started arguing over some small matters, and, they’d exchanged insults, getting louder, louder, and louder.  My older brother and I who were sitting at the supper table both stayed quiet, because we’d gotten used to how hard my parents fought since we were growing up, neither one of us wanted to get involved in their wars.

At which time, my four-year-old son moved closer, asked us, “What’s wrong with grandma and grandpa?”

I think, that it was because of how young he was, and without any siblings, nor had he watched the commentaries on television, he was confused at why my parents were arguing.  Seeing that my brother and I were unresponsive, my son kept asking the same questions.

His uncle could no longer deal with him, bugging him, told him, “oh, they’re having a fight.” And placed his index finger to his lips, showing that his nephew should keep quiet too.

But, my son after hearing, ran to the front of our parents, with his hands on his waist, asked them, “Why are you two arguing?”

As my parents heard my son’s inquiries, they’d become stunned, then, started laughing about how cute their grandson looked.  Children are natural keepers of peace.

And so, this, is how the kid ended up, as the BUFFER, and, if this just happened once, sure, it is cute, but, if it happened over, over, AND over again, imagine the stress on this young child, to have to be the middleman all the time…


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