The Woods Became Dark & Shadowy

It was light, when Hansel & Gretel went with their dad, on that hunting trip, into the woods, with absolutely NO idea, that they would end up, getting abandoned by him, and, after they’d become separated from their father, the light was, gone, for good, and, as they’d walked, tired, and hungry too, the woods became, even darker still…

And, as Little Red met up with the Big Bad Wolf, the woods for her too, became darkened and shadowy too, and, as she got, devoured by the Big Bad Wolf, and, came out of the stomach of the Wolf as Granny Red, she’d gotten to understand, that she, WAS Granny all along.

The woods became dark and shadowy, and, nobody thought of bringing that oil lamp along, because when they’d set out, they never expected to get lost in the woods, none of the characters from those fairytales had ever imagined, that they would be lost, in the woods, but that, was exactly what had happened…

The woods became dark and shadowy, and, there’s NOTHING that the characters from the storybooks can do, but to hold on to themselves, tightly, like that Little Matchstick Girl that curled up by that temporary warmth that her own matchsticks gave off, and, guess how that story ended?  That Little Matchstick Girl froze to death as the matchsticks she’d lit up died………

The woods became dark and shadowy, and, that mist of EVIL just can’t get lifted, as everybody became too cold, to show care OR concern, for others.  The woods became dark and shadowy, and that, is just how the stories will end, all those innocent “little” characters from the fairytale world lose their innocence, because life got too hard for them.


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Filed under Abandonment of Children, Cost of Living, Life, Lives Lost, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Queen Tina's Fables, Reality Clashes with Dreams, Story-Telling

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