The Graduation Trip for Their Muscular Atrophy Classmate, the Entire Class Became Angels to Help His Dreams Come True

This, IS a “group effort”, to help their classmate out, from the Newspapers, translated…

A middle school student from Jingwen Middle School, Lin was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of nine, and, ever since, he’d become, wheelchair ridden, rarely gone on trips that were long.  The school, in order to help make his wishes come true, they’d hired a tour bus with the wheelchair lifts, and the classmates are all very welcoming and accepting, to the fact, that they needed to go on separate tour busses, and had even helped with pushing his wheelchair, to allow him, to savor the beauties of the scenes, all around Taiwan.  Lin told, that although he is immobilized, but, seeing how radiantly his classmates smiled, he was more than satisfied.

Lin belonged to the Technical High School Branch of the Jingwen Middle School, he is a second year student, regularly when he’d gone out, he’d insisted on operating his own wheelchair, and wouldn’t be on the basic kind of wheelchair that needed people to push him around.  Although there was NO muscle tone left on his arms and legs, but he was able to use the remaining strength in his fingers, to work his wheelchair, and arrived to school on time.

Although he’s immobilized, but Lin longed for friendship, in the month of March, the school was sending the graduating class to the middle and southern strip of the island for their graduation trip, he’d desperately wanted to be a part of it, and in order to help make his dreams come true, the classmates, automatically joined the busses together, with another class’s, so Lin can get the accommodations he needed.

His classmate, Chen said, that Lin is somewhat shy among the classmates, rarely spoke, but, this graduation trip was a hard-to-come-by opportunity, and, the classmates would all take turns, making Lin laugh.  When the wheelchair got stuck going “uphill”, his classmates would give him a push, hoped, that he could have a good experience on their graduation trip.

This, was the very first time, that Lin visited the Crystal Church by the Northern Gates of Tainan, the Cat’s Nose in Kenting, the Lighthouse, the Art District in Kaohsiung, and many other sights, he said, “every place was very interesting to see, I’m truly satisfied.”  His father also used the camera, to capture the precious memories of him and his classmates.

Lin said, that he’d often taken that album of photographs of his trip with his class out, and this trip was a memory he will cherish for the rest of his life, and that if he will have the chances, he’d hoped to go to more places, to see the world.

And so, this handicap students’ trip was made possible by all of his classmates, and, the classmates wanted him to share the journey with him, and, they all had empathy, and kindness to show this young boy.


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