The Emotional Slavery

Here, everybody IS “created equal”, as everybody has an equal chance, of getting sold!

The emotional slavery, I was once, sold into, and, I’d become, the slaves of both their emotions, and, I felt suffocated, and slowly, I’d died…

The emotional slavery, it was, truly, very hard, for me, to overcome, to rise above it all, but, I’d fought, for my freedom, real hard, and finally, I’d set myself free, and, their emotions have absolutely NO effects on me again.

The emotional slavery, it’s an awful thing, to be sold into, because you’d have to be put through, the trials of someone else’s bad emotions, and you’re NOT even allowed to feel, to express, your OWN emotions, because you were taught, that it, is unacceptable.

The emotional slavery, I wonder, HOW many children are still being sold into?  Countless, and, there’s no way, that I can possibly, rescue them all, and yeah, used to feel very guilty ‘bout it too, but now, after I’d read that book of my own fate, gained an understanding of life, I’m able, to not feel so strong about it, so, that’s a kind of growth in itself, huh???

The emotional slavery, ANY parent is capable, and probably will, SELL their offspring into, without even being aware of it, and, it’s still, ALL the parents’ faults, because NONE of us, children asked to be brought out, onto this GOD DAMN FUCKING (oopsy!!!) P-L-A-N-E-T…


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