My Mother Battled with Her Cancer Bravely, Did Charitable Acts, and Never Stopped Walking for Exercise

Having a positive outlook, despite her cancer diagnosis, translated…

Since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, it’s been about five, to six years.  When she was told of this, she was very calm, and believed, that after she’d gone through the chemotherapy, the cancer would be cured.  Without knowing, that in a few short years, her cancer came back, and, after numerous surgeries, my mother became weakened.

My mother’s diagnosis of cancer probably has something to do with her work in the past.  My father made statues of gods for living, and after my mother married him, she’d had to help him paint the carvings, pasted the golden sheets, back then, there wasn’t that much awareness of inhaling and handling of the materials, my mother wasn’t wearing a mask when she worked, and managed to inhale a ton of dusts into her lungs, on the verge of turning forty, she was diagnosed with cancer in the larynx and nasal passage, and since, her health became ailing.

The very first time she’d gone through the chemotherapy, she was still pretty strong, but after the second, the third time she’d undergone it, she’d become weakened, and, the side effects from the treatments also started showing up as well.  Other than having headaches all day long, she’d started getting nosebleeds too, and she’d ached and sored all over.  And, if she contracted a cold, the following months, she’d stay drowsy.

After being tortured by her cancer, my mother had wanted to end it all.  But, she’d still carried herself as strong in front of us all, still worked every single day, handled all the household chores, and gotten involved in charity every single week.  In the charity she was involved in, she saw a ton of people with cancer, and their stamina had given her the strength to fight.  And, every now and then when my father went into running competitions, she’d tagged along too.  Last year, they ran in Cambodia.

Fate seemed to have closed a window for my mother, and yet, she’d managed to find more opportunities for herself.  My father once told her, that everybody they knew thought she was very brave, and my mother only smiled lightly, left her fate up to the heavens.  My mother had been battling cancer for a very long time, every time I saw how spirited she was as she puts one foot in front of the other, I’m sure, that she will keep on traveling through this life with bravery.

And so, this woman REFUSED to get beaten by her cancer, and, although her treatments left her weak and worn, she still kept her spirits up, and that, is really hard, because chemo is very painful, but this woman still marched on, with a positive attitude.


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