Changes in a Decade

A lot can happen, in ten short years, you do realize that, don’t you???  You can have an ingrowth, of a lot more white strands of hair on your heads, not to mention those wrinkles that’d crept up onto your skins all over too.

Changes in a decade, you can escape, being baptized by time, and, you will change, in a decade’s time, whether or not you like to admit to yourselves or not.

Changes in a decade, it’s really obvious, isn’t it?  We can be married AND divorced, from being lovers, into strangers, even, enemies too.  Changes in a decade, let’s just wait and see, what sort of changes, a decade can bring to us?  Who knows, maybe, we’ll have a TON of grandbabies that circled around us, making us feel so very settled and blessed, or, we might be dealing, with how our sons knocked some unsuspecting girls up, coming to us, asking us, to solve HIS problems FOR him, or worse, our little girl getting KNOCKED up by that M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH she’s TOO good for!

Changes in a decade, are you ready, to take what comes your way?  And, how do you know, that you are indeed, prepared for whatever comes NEXT, when it had yet to HIT you?  Changes in a decade, nothing will change, in this decade of mine, because I still look quite young, although I AM going toward into MY mid-thirties here, and, people still call me, “young lady”, and yeah, I’m still, a THIRTY-SOMETHING “young lady” all right………

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