Fate Led the Way

We’d allowed fate, to get ahead of us…

Fate led the way, down this well-trodden path, and, although we both knew, that traveling down this already walked-down, over and over passage will lead us nowhere, we’d still followed fate around.

Fate led the way, but I didn’t want to follow it, I was forced, to go along, and so, I’d become, really resisting to fate’s ways.  Fate let the way, because we’re told, to trust our own fates, for fate knew, where we’re destined to end up, and, we are given, NO other options, but tag-along behind it.

Fate led the way, and, we both ended up, getting lost, losing sight of our “leader”, fate.  Fate led the way, but, why?  Why should we follow fate?  Does fate know, WHAT, is really good for us both?  Or, is it, just leading us on this wild goose chase, this run-around, making fools of us?

Fate led the way, and, eventually, we both gave in, because fighting with fate, that’s a game neither one of us will EVER have the slightest chances of winning………


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Filed under Cost of Living, Expectations, Fate, Life, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Story-Telling

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