The Theory of a Case of Water Helped the Family Through the Tough Times, a Story on Family


My friend, because of her husband’s retirement, her life got turned upside down, and she felt helpless and depressed.  I told her that I understood her, but this needed time, because I’d walked the same path for eight years, and now, I can face it peacefully and feel more at ease about it too.

My husband retired at the age of fifty, back then, my two children were still in their middle and high school years, I as so panicky, I needed to make my husband who was forced into retirement to not feel the pressures, and I must help my children pass through their schooling years, I knew, that I couldn’t dodge this responsibility, but, it’s become too heavy for me to carry.

I’d used the “theory of a case of water”, to soothe my own mind, and alleviated my husband and children’s worries.  I’d told my husband and children, that the household economics is like a huge case of water, it wouldn’t matter who brought in the water, we all loved to share, because this case of water is used by all of us.  Plus, my husband (dad) had already managed to place a lot of water into the case already, and, the water level is already set up; and now, my husband (dad) worked hard, to put in the water, and now, I must catch up to his progress, and, so long as we’re not wasteful, we will all be okay.

And, I’d used “my husband, with the body of a fifty year old, and started living the retire life of a seventy year old, it’s good that way.”, to sooth those who showed me concerns.  Because I knew, that he and I will be together for the long run, and, having good health is more important than anything else.

For a long term, I’d from time to time feel this heavy burden and down, later on, I’d had a new understanding of life—“life is like a book”, separated my life into the various chapters, using the commas, the periods, as well as the assortment of symbols to end the sentences, and, it’d no longer become this long and winding story, and, I felt more at ease, because I knew, that there are breaking points that I can take time off.  Every morning when I open up my eyes, I’d tell myself, it’s a brand new day, and, on the way home from work, I’m overjoyed too, because I’d managed, to finish a small chapter.  There are the moments that are not so good, but also, moments of glory, like how the novels have the climaxes and the lows, and, the sentences, pages of every day, had helped me gain a depth of understanding of life.

That, was the life experiences I’d shared, with my friend, a lot of the times, your mind is in charge of how things will turn out, with an open mind, the roads in front of you also became limitless, and, you are no longer, stressed out, and, naturally, you can enjoy the views more.  And, we, as a family, are like the characters of the novels, with our separate duties, making this book of life even more interesting to read.

And this, is the power of positive thinking, the woman had to adjust her attitude, but, she was able, to keep that positive thought in her head, and, managed, to get out of the darkness, and, it’s all because of her philosophy on life.


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