The Sorrows of Being Handicap, the Home Sent Her to the Hospitals for Treatment, Six Separate Units Won’t Take Her in, Made Fifty Calls for Assistance, the Handicapped Female Became a Human Rolling Ball

From the life of a handicapped person here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday on the near noon hours of the streets in Chungli, Taoyuan, there was an all-too-sad scene, a person in need of medical help, getting kicked around; the severely retarded woman, Yeh, with a feeding tube, lay helplessly, on the stretcher of an ambulance, waited for her family, and the city and county governments, to decide, “Where she belonged”.

The social worker who’d accompanied the woman made over fifty calls, and, each and every organization that she’d called told her, “there’s nothing we can do either”; yesterday the temperature rose up to the thirties, and yet, the coldness of the attitudes from all around, had made the social worker who tried to help the head shake, “the weather is really hot, but, humanity is really cold.”  In the end, Yeh stayed on the ambulances for over four hours, and finally, she was, handed over to the county government where she was registered to live, and placed her into the local He-Xing Home.

The fifty-three year-old Yeh had Downs’ Syndrome, last month, she contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized at Chubei, Hsinchu.  Before she was sent home, the hospitals notified the home to come and pick her up, but, Yeh had a breathing tube, and couldn’t be allowed back into the home, and, the home sent a local ambulance to lift her back to her sister’s home in Chungli, Taoyuan.

The ambulance arrived at the sister’s home at about eleven in the morn yesterday, but, Yeh’s older sister just wouldn’t let her younger sister in, “don’t drop her on my doorsteps, take her away, she’s NOT my family, we’re only related by blood as sisters.”

The operators of the ambulance, and the social worker from the care facility and four others were shocked by the woman’s replies, and worked hard, to console Yeh’s older sister, to let her younger sister go home, but, neither side was willing to compromise, the six members started asking one another, “what, do we do now?”, and they’d started frantically, dialing up the numbers for the city of Taoyuan, Chungli, as well as the Social Services Departments too to seek out assistance.

At noon, the social workers had met so many dead-ends, and called up the police, and asked the man in charge of the borough, to come and help sort the matter out, and, the patrol officers who arrived on scene also said, “this, is civil matter, there’s nothing that we, the police can help”; in the end, the volunteers called up the domestic violence hotline, and, didn’t get anywhere, in the end, the ambulance could only, lift Yeh back to the county government’s office of Hsinchu, where Yeh was registered as a residence.

The press reporters came on sight at around one o’clock, and saw a group of people, squatted by the older sister’s neighbor’s doorsteps, sweating away, and eating their lunches, and, Yeh’s older sister had, quickly, gotten up, and went into her house, shut the doors, and ignored the knocking of the social workers.

Yeh, because of the seriousness of her conditions, she couldn’t speak, with the tubes, hanging from her body, the social worker feared that she might have a heat stroke, didn’t dare turn the ignition of the ambulance that was used to transfer her off; but, because she couldn’t eat, due to how hot the weather was, she kept on wailing, and, even though, the social workers felt her pains, all they could do was keep tapping on her shoulders, consoling her, “We’re thinking of ways, you must put up with it.”

“I’d done more than I was supposed to”, Yeh’s older sister, at two o’clock in the afternoon, came out of her house, and told the press, that she was ill herself, and needed to take care of her stroke, bedridden older brother, that she could not afford the $8,000N.T. of her sister’s caretaking fees, “there’s nothing I can do, and you can’t just leave her here with me without my consent.”

This, would be the sad case, of how a woman in need of assistance got KICKED around, because NO place would take her in, and that, is just how the world is, so cold, so cruel, you can’t even help your own siblings out…


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