Played on the I-Pads for Eight Hours a Day, a Four-Year-Old Child Became an Internet Addict

WARNING, for ALL you parents out there!!!  Translated…

Playing on the i-Pad for eight hours a day, the grandparents had even commanded this four-year-old little boy as a “genius”, but later on, they’d found, that this little boy could no longer concentrate; the pediatrician network yesterday called out to the parents, that for the sake of the child’s developments, before the age of two, all electronics should be banned from them.

This little boy was very active when he was younger, his parents felt that he was too difficult for them to handle, every time they’d thrown a cell phone, or an I-Pad to him, as his “electronic babysitter”, the little boy would calm down and be quiet, and play on his own, and, after awhile, that little boy could no longer focus on anything else, unless he was playing on the electronics again.

Based off of the researches done by the Department of Education, there are nearly twenty-percent of young children who are at high risk of getting addicted to internet, the chapter manager for the Taiwanese Foundation for the Preventions of Addiction to Electronics, Chang said, that although getting addicted to the internet is not a psychological disorder, however, the U.S. had already set up the diagnoses criteria for addictions to online gaming to be studied, by the psychiatric departments.

In his studies, Chang had seen a three-year-old who’d played on the i-Pads for seven whole hours every single day, he feared, that the addictions to online may became a cause, for children, to develop psychological problems in the future.

Chang worried, that with the parents, spoiling their young, will cause the child to feel too good about her/himself, causing this next generation of “narcissistic personalities”, the parents should accompany their young as much as they possibly can, instead of relying on the electronic babysitters.

But hey, it’s still a HELL of a LOT easier, to toss a kid a FLAT screen so s/he can BE quiet and STOP bugging us, after all, we adults have enough on our plates, and, we don’t want to worry about what our kids are doing, and, if they’re not bugging the hell out of us, then, everything’s all right, but hey, parents, DO remember, that you wanted your children, and now, you’re leaving those electronic babysitters in charge of them?  Are you planning on them, turning into ROBOTS, after all, children still MODEL those in their immediate environments, you DO realize that, don’t you???

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