How Long Has It Been Since You’d Played with Your Children?

Written, by a regular nine-to-fiver, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In order, to get into the swinging doors of a namely dual-language kindergarten, a TON of parents stood in line, for THREE days, to wait for the registration opening dates, and some even had hired someone else, to stand in life on their kids’ behalf.  This showed how pressing the parents are, to get the children, into an all-star school, so they won’t lose to other children AT the starting point, but, why must the children WIN, at the start of the race?  And, how happy would the children’s childhoods be, in this high-pressure environment that you’re putting them under?

I’d recalled my boss’s daughter, she’s not yet three, very upbeat, and cute too.  For the same purpose, to make sure that the young girl has a winning start, the parents sent her to a namely, dual-language kindergarten institution to learn.  When everybody goes off to work, early in the morn, they’d often heard the child wailing, the young toddler of just three had not yet gotten caught up on her sleep yet, no wonder she wasn’t willing, to get DRAGGED to school.  Sometimes, I’d seen her, wearing a soured face, ignoring everybody around her, she is now, no longer, her upbeat self.  Going to school, is not at all, something she enjoys.

One day, this young child didn’t go to school, but instead, followed the younger owner to the office, I’d asked her, “hey, why aren’t you in school today?, the little girl replied happily, “because I have a cold, the teacher said I couldn’t go to school today!”, although she had a cold, the little girl was all too happy, flashing her radiant smiles.  And one can imagine, how wonderful it must be, to skip school, to accompany her parents to work.

As the day of the child is coming close, if the parents can accompany their young, to allow them to just play, to reduce the stresses of learning imposed upon them, it’s a best kind of gift to give to a child, and, that is the way, to keep the memories of the child’s childhood a good one, and worthwhile too.

And so, you still have STUPID adults who are dumb enough to believe, that what they’re doing TO their young IS for the best benefits of the children, are you F***ING shitting me here?  Which KID would want to get DRAGGED out of bed, early in the mornings, so you can get to work on time, and, on your ways, you’d dropped them off to school?  Uh, a kid who’s INSANE, and, any child in the RIGHT state of mine wouldn’t want to live out her/his childhood like this, and yet, take a look around, how many parents are currently, working hard as hell, to make the ends meet, leaving their young, in the cares of some strangers?  Exactly!


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