First Impressions


Based off of research, it only takes seven seconds, to form a first impression of someone you’d met; there are even though who believed, that it only takes just one second; I’d once read an article on the “Harvard Business Review”, that all it takes, is 0.1 second, to believe in a rumor.  It surely is, the super speedy “generation of fast”.

Being a writer of murder and mysteries, the first impression I’d given off to others, first, my pseudonym is like a woman’s name, and, “from the way you look, it doesn’t seem, that you can write those stories about guts and gory at all”.  Naturally, Ted Bundy graduated from a namely university, is handsome, humorous, active in his social circles, like Prince Charming, he’d even gotten involved in helping with the governor’s election campaigns, and was once named as the shiny star of the future generations of politicians, but, who would’ve guess, that he’d turned out to be a serial killer………sorry, I seemed to have made the wrong example here.  Any ways, there’s a difference between reality and first impressions, I’m sure, that all of you have experiences in this.

My other identity is an engineer.  I’d had to go on interviews for jobs, and, worked for awhile now, and I was sent, to interview the newcomers.  The interviews can be seen as a battle field of first impressions.  A lot of the employers missed out on the gems, because they’d focused too much on the first impressions.  In the short one to two hours’ time, you’d tried to get to the bottom of what the other person is all about, it is, truly a difficult task to accomplish.

Not only jobs are like so, finding a significant other is too.  “Love at first sight” is relying on the first impressions, to pick out the person you want to be with.  In the different languages, it’s all the same, which showed, that it is our innate nature, to show our first impression to the world.

The first impressions are made, in a split-second, and still, in order to turn the first impression around, it’s harder than to climb up to reach the stars.  If we hold a positive impression of someone, no matter what that person did, we’d all choose to decipher the actions as good; if we have a bad impression of someone, we’d picked and chosen the bad things that they did.  It is easy for the lovers to be together, but hard, for them to break up, hard because, it takes them too long, to snap, back into the reality of the matter.  Same for the detective novelists, in the Gilded Age, (from 1920 to 1940), there were a ton of high-standard writers, John Rhode, started from the time his first novel was published in 1930, he’d published four books per year, until his death in 1961, he’d published a total of one hundred forty books, and, most of them are detective novels, he earned the reputations of being a detective novelist.

This sort of a prolific, high quality writer, should be appraised by the readers who came afterwards…but in the end, the writers, Julian Simmons, put forth Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and other female English writers judged Rhode’s works as “other than using an interesting title, there’s nothing else inside the books”.  And so, Rhode’s books were placed on ice, and, they’d become, nearly, extinct.

And still, to this day, as the internet became ever-extending, it’d changed the views of the mystery novelists.  Rhode’s hardcovers are hard to find, and, the price of his books skyrocketed on the bidding sites; the Kindle versions of electronic books, sharing a good review of a book online.  In the internet age, it’s not like the olden times, when the critics said so.

I couldn’t help but think, that there are so many works that Rhodes wrote, that it would be hard, to read them all, and, how many, did Simmons read, to make this definite judgment of his writing style?  It couldn’t be caused by, first impressions again, can it?  Then, it’d taken a total of FORTY years, to change this first impression.

This, just shows, how once a first impression is set, chances of it getting altered is slim to none, just like that psychological concept that in order for you, to change your stereotype of someone or something IS impossible, as your mind would disregard the facts that goes against your way of thoughts, which makes it harder, to find the facts in the things you encounter in life.

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