Twenty-Six Thousand Young Children Here Couldn’t Afford Kindergarten Because of Their Poor Family Economy

So here, NOT all children ARE “created equal” then, are they???  Nope!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taiwan Children’s Rights Group stated yesterday, that the rate of public daycare systems won’t match up to the growth of families from the lower end of the economic spectrum.  The two percent of low-income households in the nation with 1.36 million families, they can’t afford the expensive tuitions for the private kindergartens, and couldn’t squeeze their ways into the public daycare centers either, there’s the rough estimate of 26,000 children from lower economic status who couldn’t afford to be in kindergarten, especially in the distant regions of Pingdong, Taidong, and Hualien.

The Children’s Rights League office manager, Jie explained, that the statistics done by the legislative department showed that there are 160,000 children whose families are in trouble economically, but, the public daycare systems can only take in a little over 130,000 children.

Jie said, that the system of daycare in Pingdong had the priorities of taking in children who were from poverty-stricken backgrounds by the number of 7,140 kids, and, the total number in the public daycare system is 4,853.  In the Taidong areas, the priority children are in the number of 4,235, the public kindergartens take in 2,774 children, about 153 percent in the public kindergarten systems.

  And so, you got these babies, born into poverty stricken families, and the families couldn’t afford, to send their young into the education systems, which, is why this, will be a HUGE problem for the society here, because they keep on having babies, and just can’t make enough money, to keep their kids well, and, setting up MORE public kindergarten systems is still NOT the answer, because, guess WHERE the money for that comes from?  TAXPAYERS, and, guess WHO will be suffering the most, it’s still, the MIDDLE class!  And so, in MY opinion (and seeing how this, is still MY “joint”, whatever the HECK I say still GOES!), setting up MORE public daycares are not the right answer to this problem.


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