Three Ways to Bring You Happiness at Old Age, the Words of a Wise Elderly Monk

Word of the wise here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

How can the elderly in the population face their own old age with a positive attitude?  The sponsor of the periodical, Heart-Set Monk yesterday, gave out three tips: let go, feel satisfied, being more understanding.  He’d also suggested, that people should live by the concepts of karma too, using the time given to you, to do good deeds, “If you feel that you’re not blessed enough this life, then, treat it as lessons that will be learned in the next time go around.”

The periodical had be in print for fifteen years to date, and, the lecture series sponsored by China Petrochemical, UDN had asked the monk to come along as a speaker, on the subjects of “Being Elderly is Being Cherished”.  He’d used the ideals of Buddha, and added in the real-life examples of his own experiences, making the audience really into what he was talking about.

“I say, that being elderly is being a treasure, that even if you’re retiring soon, it’s still a time, to keep improving oneself.”  The monk said, people’s lives will leave tracks behind like the video or voice recorders, becoming the basis of reincarnation.

For some, this life is wonderful, because of the good deeds they’d done in the past life; those who don’t have it easy, would be because they didn’t do enough good deeds in a past life.  If you keep this attitude, then, you will feel more at ease about the life you own right now.

He stressed, whether or not you’d lived on easy up to now, or hard, you should still use this golden period of old age, to “upgrade” yourselves for the next time go around.  Worries are from the heart getting contaminated, when you have something you want but can’t have, then you’d feel awful, and if you were able to have it, you’d hold on to it too tightly, and, when there are changes, you’d feel awful, and, if what you’d been keeping guard over were taken from you, you’d feel even more depressed.  And this not only affected your current life, it will also impact your next life.

And so, this, IS the Buddhist approach of things, the concept of KARMA being related to how you are where you are right now, because of what you’d done in a past life, but hey, IF you can’t even recall WHAT you’d done in a past life, how can you be held responsible, it’s not like how a killer all of a sudden had AMNESIA and forgot about how many s/he’d murdered, and the judge decided, that oh, s/he doesn’t recall, so, we should let her/him off the hook easy, is it?  But, I DO agree, with this monk’s views on life…

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