Matchmakers’ Training: Classes Now in Session in the Universities

Despite ALL those AVAILABLE fishes in the SEAS, we still just can’t quite to find the right one for us, and this, is what’s put up, to serve THAT purpose, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Socio-psychology Department of the World News University is about to set up the “Research & Education Center for Love” this month, at the quickest, other than helping the students get pass the difficulties in their romantic relationship, doing researches on how the sexes interact with one another, and, it’d also planned to offer cross-major credit hours, and work alongside the matchmaking companies too, becoming the first place with a major in Taiwan that trains professional matchmakers.

The Department Head of the World News University of Psychology, Jeng claimed, that a lot of the college students got their views on love from the media, and are influenced to become fearful of love, due to the hike in divorce rates; but, from the statistical measures, most of the marriages are still very blissful, by setting up this realm of study, it is hoped that it can help the students get past the myths of how marriage will often end up in divorces.

Jeng said, started in 1999, he’d offered a general studies course in “Love Psychology” every year, and, the students would jam packed the auditoriums, it’d showed, how much the students wanted to learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex.

Jeng stated, that the Love Research and Education Center not only studies the trends in love, offer counseling to college students with relationship troubles, in the future, it would be set up as a course in the psychology department as well, and, a set of course combining counseling measures and social psychology, training the students to become “professional modern-day matchmakers”, through counseling, finding the one who is right for you, and the communication during dating, and how to deal when the families are against the lovers, and, the counseling after the marriage, a series of related topics of study.

Jeng pointed out, that there are a TON of matchmaking services in the world, but, those that operated well, aren’t that numerous, the Love Research and Education Center will be working together, with the experts in the areas, working alongside the matchmaking companies, to help with the researches, and matchmaking of the sexes, and even have certification trainings for “Professional Matchmakers”.

Because there IS a desperate need for this, that, is why this program got set up, to help out those young people (and, I’m still NOT one of those!!!) to find the love they’re looking for, besides, at this day and age, who the HELL has the time, to sit and date someone AT that café, to chit-chat, to see IF we match up perfectly, we want everything FAST, like fast-food?  That, is why, this “department” is being SET up…

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