Children Went Online Anonymously, Talked about Sex, and Was Found Out…Changed Their Names, and Still Couldn’t Escape Being Taunted

This, IS a SHOCKING statistics: FIFTEEN PERCENT of children had fallen victim to scams or taunting online, from the Newspapers, translated…

As the Day of the Children marches closer, the Grassroots Influence Cultural Organization yesterday posted the results of the research they’d conducted, that sixty percent of children and adolescents own Smartphone with internet capabilities, and ninety-percent of high school level students have it, but, fifteen percent of children and adolescents had been victimized by scams online, including getting scammed for money, or getting involved in conflicts, such as receiving threats, the foundation advocated that the parents MUST teach their young about the right way to use the internet, to prevent them from getting scammed.

The research found, that thirty-three percent of the families didn’t place restrictions on the time spent online; the families with the time restrictions are, for the elementary years, about 1.3 hours per day, middle school, 1.5 hours a day, high school, 1.8 hours a day; and the reasons for online usage are ranked as entertainment purposes, research for studies, interaction with classmates from schools, searching for information respectively.

Over seventy-percent of the parents worried that the children and adolescents may be unsafe when they logged online, but, close to fifty-percent of the parents couldn’t be watching over the kids while they were online, and, about sixty-six percent of the families didn’t install the safeguard programs, to prevent the children or adolescents to log onto the pornography sites, or sites that advocated violence, causing about fifteen percent of children, or one in seven kids getting scammed or bullied.

And, this is still???  Oh yeah, the PARENTS’ faults, but, you say, WE have to work, and, we ain’t got the time, to keep our EYES, GLUED to our offspring 24/7, well, just keep on using WORK as your SORRY excuses, for not keeping your offspring safe, and, in the very end, they’re still ALL lost, to those predators that are still lurking, in this VIRTUAL woods.


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