Bearing Witness to the Pains

This, was what was imposed onto me, I was forced, to watch someone else, suffer in pain, and, you know, how hard it would be, for an EMPATH like me, don’t you???

Bearing witness to the pains, it’s as if, I’m experiencing the pains myself, it’s excruciating, and, it feels like, my breaths are, taken from my lungs, I’m slowly, suffocating here.

Bearing witness to the pains, it was, so hard, for me, to watch you suffer, and yet, there’s just, NOTHING I can do, to help you feel better, because some lessons, you just need to learn them, the HARD way, and, although I wanted to help you alleviate the pains of your life, I can’t.

Bearing witness to the pains, because I have to, because that, is my job, to take a note, of the pains, experienced by the people of the world, to make sense, to make meaning of them, that, is my role………

Bearing witness to the pains, I always and forever will, and, although I will feel other people’s pains like they were my own, but hey, I’d found me, an outlet, and, these, are the words, that came out of those experiences that someone else was going through.


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