The Three Landowners Were Addicted to Illegal Substances, Ended Up, Squandering Over Millions Dollars’ of Their Inheritances

Because the richness does NOT surpass three generations, as the Chinese proverbs stated???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Three men who’s middle-aged, they were once, landowners worth up to over millions of dollars in the past, but, they’d all gotten addicted to illegal substances, and, ended up, squandering away their families’ inheritances, some were diagnosed with cancer at old age, some were elderly and still took their canes, as they dealt the illegal substances, the Yonghe Police Subprecinct arrested the three suspects, and learned that they were from good families, and, the police felt the chills.

The police investigated, that the team of three drug dealers, led by Cheng has the average age of sixty, back when they were younger, they’d spent listlessly, not taking up a job, and gotten addicted to drugs, in the two, three decades’ time, they’d managed to squander away all of their family inheritances, and were, living hard, and of the three, Lin had also been diagnosed with cancer, needed chemotherapy, and the other two men, because of how weak they’d gotten from the drug abuse, became immobilized, but, in order to sell the drugs, they’d still gone out, with the canes.

The police had been keeping an eye on this team of three, two days ago, they’d arrested Cheng, Lin, and Yo, and found small amounts of heroin, and amphetamine on them, and confiscated the gun off of Lin too, they’d admitted, that because they are not as able-bodied as they once were, in order to split up the risks, that, was why they’d gone to deliver the drugs together, as for the gun, they said, it was, for their own protection.

“Do I still have a chance to see my uncle?”, Lin’s niece went to the police station to visit, she’d pointed out, that her uncle didn’t get married, and had taken good care of those around him, and warned the younger generations, to NOT touch drugs, her uncle was an old-time friend of Cheng’s, perhaps, it was because of how painful his chemo got, that, was why he was willing, to break the laws.  After interrogations, the police booked the men based off of possessions of illegal substances and arms.

This, is how you can go from riches to RAGS, by getting involved in drugs, and, because you are feeding to your habits, and, your habits became this HUGE abyss, that draws you in, and, once you fell into that abyss, you won’t make it back out unscathed, and to think, that all these men, are from good families too!


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