Making You Self-Conscious

Having someone, STARING RIGHT AT you will do the trick!

Making you self-conscious, how?  By having someone, STARE you down, zooming in, on your EVERY single move, and, soon, you’ll start to feel uneasy, because you KNOW that someone IS watching your EVERY single move.

Making you self-conscious, this, is what I do, and, making you AWARE too, of the situations that are happening in the world today, so, yeah, go ahead, feel bad about ALL the tales I’d told you, but, if you’re still not moved enough, to DO something, then, I hadn’t done, quite enough yet.

Making you self-conscious………so, are ya?  Self-conscious yet?  Now, consider it: what would be the COST, of you, NOT being self-conscious?  And, CAN you afford that?


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