His Daughter Who is Very Thoughtful, on Parent-Child Interactions


My friend, Tseng, whenever he’d talked about his daughter, he’d become animated, his eyes would twinkle, so, what, exactly, is so special about the Tsengs’ daughter?

Tseng is the dentist in our town, because in the evenings, he’d seen his patients until very late, couldn’t get home until past ten, when Tseng entered his house, his daughter would bring him a plate of various fruits, to help him get rejuvenated; if it’s during the evenings of the winters, she’d lain in bed first, to warm up her father’s bed, in hopes, that he’ll get a good night’s sleep.  No wonder Tseng would gloat when he talked of her.

Tseng’s daughter already has a boyfriend, and, they’d all gone out together, if they’d gone outdoors, the daughter would walk in between them, holding her boyfriend’s and her father’s hand; and if they were walking on a busy road, the daughter would hold her father’s hand, because her father’s older, and needed her protection.

When Tseng became troubled by his work, his daughter would offer him a great big hug, and tap him lightly on the shoulders, tell him to keep working at it.  Tseng said, “When my daughter was younger, when she felt taken, I’d hugged her, tapped her on the shoulders, and now, the roles are switched, she hugged me now, it’s such an amazing feeling!”

As children are younger, they’d become attached to their parents, with the coming of age, they normally get farther, and farther away from the parents.  Tseng’s daughter is in her fourth year of university, and is still willing to be so intimate with her father, it’s truly precious.  And, Tseng’s joys also reminded those who are someone else’s children, to show the love toward their parents too.

So, this, is how close they are as a family, and, this must’ve started when the child was younger, and, she must’ve grown up, in a harmonious household, that, is why, as this woman grows older, she’s still close to her father.  This, is truly, hard to come by too!


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