A Low-Key, Elderly Woman, Chen, Donated Over a Thousand Pairs of Shoes to Children in the Poverty Stricken Areas, “I Hope, that They Won’t be Like Me, Having to Borrow Someone Else’s Shoes to Wear”

Doing kindness, and not needing the credit for all the kindness she’d done, because she had it hard, and wanted children to have more in life, from the Newspapers, translated…

There’s an ordinary shoe stand, with a “Grandma Chen” who does good deeds, without wanting the recognitions for her kindness, when she was growing up, she was poor, and didn’t have the money for shoes, and so, she’d gained empathy toward those children living in poverty-stricken areas, and would donate thirty pairs of shoes each and every month, in the four years’ time since she’d started, she’d donated over a thousand pairs, she’d said, in a low key manner, “I just wanted the children to not be like me, had to borrow shoes from my classmates.”

Grandma Chen had enjoyed sewing since she was younger, after she grew up, she’d worked in the designs and wholesales of sweaters, made some money, and had a stable family background, but, a little over two decades ago, she was cheated by the wholesalers, and so, she’d ended up, having to set up roadside stands to sell her items.

The thought of donating shoes came from how the bad memories of her childhood years, without shoes, she said, back when she was growing up, her family is quite poor, they couldn’t even afford a pair of shoes, and, every day at school, the teachers would check to see if the students wore their shoes, and, she’d had to borrow them from her classmates, to pass the checks by the teachers, and she’s only donating the shoes, so every child can have a pair of shoes they can put on.

Grandma Chen’s children all have work, and, her household economics became stabilized, she needed not worry, so, every time she’d heard about how the kids in distant regions didn’t have shoes to wear, she’d gotten into contact with the orphanages in the distant regions, and donate one to two cases of about thirty pairs of shoes per case each and every month, and, in the four years’ time, she’d managed to donate over a thousand pairs already.

“I only cared about who needed the help, I’m not counting how many pairs I’d sent out!”, Grandma Chen’s sending the shoes became known in her community, and, the teachers at nearby schools, or her neighbors would ask her, to donate shoes on their behalf, to the children or youths from poverty stricken backgrounds, and, she’d only needed the sizes, then, she’d sent each and every pair, to a designated receiver.

Grandma Chen never put her name on the packages she’d sent out, and called herself, “Grandma Chen”, and, she’d received a ton of letters from the children she’d helped, “Even though I don’t know who you are, I still have to say thank you”, Grandma Chen said, “I’m only doing what I want to do, they need not to know who I am.”

So, this woman was able to turn a bad childhood experience into a driving force for her, to help others, and, because she’d been there when she was a child, she knew how the children without shoes can feel, and, she’d shown her kindness, by putting her thoughts into action, and, she’d also initiated this chain of helpful acts, by passing that thought of kindness along, to the neighbors, and all who came into contact with her.


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