The Santa Claus from the Orphanage


Last year on Christmas Eve, I went to an orphanage to see a magic show.  The beautiful and graceful female magician was amazing in her magic tricks, making the children intrigued.

Afterwards, the grand finale, she’d metamorphosed in the midst of white smoke, and became a Santa Claus, carrying a huge bag made from yarn.  The elderly person took out several gift-wrapped boxes, and, handed them out, one by one.

This Santa Claus, I’d known him since he was in his elementary school years, he’d often made the top score in his class, had won numerous awards for representing his school in competitions, is very passionate about helping others, is a role model for his fellow classmates.  I’d originally thought, that he must’ve had a good family background, for him to have become so very well-rounded, but, at the carnival, I’d found, that it wasn’t really so at all.  The one who represented him to the carnival, was a kind nun, someone he’d called “headmistress”.  Surrounding the nun, other than him, were students from other classes.  That, was when I’d learned, that he had grown up in the orphanage, not knowing who his parents were, to him, the nuns who looked after him, is the best kind of parenting he’d ever gotten.

In middle school, he’d performed outstandingly, gotten into his first choice high school, then, he’d moved out of the orphanage, he’d part-timed his way through school, after a few years, he’d relied on himself, for his own living expenses, and could still handle his own coursework, received the scholarship moneys from the public university each and every semester he’d attended.  Several years after he’d started working, he’d accumulated some wealth, and started a business with a couple of his coworkers, and, his company is up and running quite well.

And, when the time permitted him to, he’d returned back to the orphanage to help out, whether it be donations of money, of goods, or performing at events, you’d see him there, participating.  A female classmate who belonged to the same magic club he was in during his college career would often accompany him back, and slowly, she was moved, by his kindness, and, end up, marrying him, and, the place they got married WAS at the church of the orphanage, with the woman in charge of the orphanage as the matron of honor.

To him, the days he lived at the orphanage, it was Christmas every single day, he’d made a wish, that he wanted to become Santa, to bring joys to the kids, to allow the kids to feel, that the warmth of the world is surrounding them.

The kids all rushed up towards him, wanted his autograph, treated him like a super star.  I couldn’t help, but believe, that so long as you have a heart that shares the love, and, actions that showed that you cared, anybody CAN become Santa.

And so, this is the story of a man, returning the kindness shown to him by the nuns at the orphanage where he grew up, back to the orphanage, this, is a great way, to make a difference in the lives of other children who were like him, to give back to the community, using what one has.


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