Too Late to Divide Up the Assets Evenly, the Married Couple for Twenty-Six Years Had Separated, and, They Both Wanted the Assets that Was Rightfully Theirs

The splitting up of assets, that came too late, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lu had been separated from his wife for seven years now, three years ago, the couple split up the assets; Lu believed, that since he married, he’d given his wages to his wife, that he’d given her over four hundred thousand dollars already, and, as they’d decided on splitting up the assets, he had less than $3,000N.T. in his bank accounts.  The District Court in Shihlin used how he’d sued his wife just last May, and that the case had past the statute of limitation of two years, found him lost.

Lu once worked as the senior manager of a life insurance company, and had often given speeches on his successes publicly, but, he’d lost his job, because his wife said that he’d forged someone’s signatures on the paperwork; Lu’s wife is a teacher at an elementary school.  They were married for twenty-six years, with two children.

Lu said, that at the time when they were married, the couple had filed for their assets to be combined, three years ago, he’d asked the courts, to file their assets separately, because he was in debt, owing taxes, the houses he’d bought were under his wife’s name, and he’d handed his earnings to his wife monthly.  Lu estimated, that his earnings from 2001 to 2008, that he’d placed into his wife’s account was around $20,000,000 N.T.s, subtracting the living expenses, there would be at least four million dollars N.T. remaining, including the properties, his wife owns over sixteen million dollars N.T. worth of assets.

Lu’s wife said, that her husband cheated on her with his secretary back in 2007, and never returned home afterwards, and didn’t pay the child supports for his children, in order to make up for her kids not having a father, “she’d spent it all”.  She’d suspected, that had her husband known about the extra money since the start, why would he have waited until last year to file for the claims?

And so, this, is what happens, because the husband cheated on the wife, and, the wife wanted what was hers back, but, she’d filed for the claims, too late, because it was past, the statute of limitations.


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